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Straight from the fields, Società Agricola C.O.P.A. dark courgette reach our customers fresh and full of flavour. With smooth, shiny skin and delicious, pale flesh, the cooperative’s courgettes lend themselves to all types of recipes, both raw and cooked.


From May to November the cooperative produces courgettes in open fields following the natural rhythms of the plants. Being an entirely field-scale production, the start and end of the production period as well as the quantity produced, are inextricably linked to the weather conditions and seasonal variations.


The courgettes are picked from the plants in the early hours of each morning by our producer members. Each courgette is checked and only those that have reached the correct stage of ripeness and size are selected so as to ensure consistent quality for all the batches of products that come from our fields. Courgettes ready to be marketed have a nice dark green colour over the whole surface, the skin is shiny and smooth, and the flesh firm and flavoursome.
As soon as they have been harvested, the courgettes are neatly arranged in boxes, precise and aligned, presented in the best way ready for sale.


Fields planted with courgettes cover around 25 hectares of our members’ land. Thanks to the loving care of our producers and the rich, suitably treated soil, average annual production is around 500 tons. We are therefore able to ensure the optimal supply of vegetables to all our customers.


Courgettes do not require special processing operations. The boxes arrive ready-made from the fields, where the pickers have already neatly aligned the harvest. At the cooperative, each box is given its own traceability label and then stacked onto a pallet ready to be dispatched.