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Every three years at the Ordinary General Assembly, members of the agricultural cooperative elect the board of directors, which in turn elects the president and vice president.

The Società Agricola C.O.P.A. organization chart also includes a director responsible for the routine administrative and commercial management, a warehouse manager and a sales manager for raw materials.

Each year, around 20 workers are involved in the processing, packing and dispatching of the products. The workers are all appropriately trained to ensure the best products arrive in the shortest possible time to all our customers.


GIOVANNI PETTINARI President, legal representative +39 339.2202089 presidenza@copacanino.it
GIANCARLO BENELLA Director, administrative and commercial manager +39 333.3670104 giancarlo@copacanino.it
GLENDA BALLANTI Administration and human resources +39 0761.438207
+39 366 4032142
SERGIO MARCOALDI Agronomist, technical and agronomic manager +39 335.8784216 sergio@copacanino.it
RICCARDO PAOLINI Agriculture expert, technical equipment sales +39 0761.437463 canino@consorziagrariditalia.it
FABIO FRACASSI Warehouse manager +39 335.8784211 fabio@copacanino.it