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In June 2009, the C.O.P.A. Cooperative finally moved its operational headquarters to Pianacce, at km. 2,877 on the S.P. Riminino (provincial road), in the municipality of Canino (Province of Viterbo).
The decision to move the business from the outskirts of town to the open countryside is linked to various logistical reasons, including the greater proximity to the relevant motorway and farm members. In fact, many members’ farms operate in the countryside surrounding the cooperative’s headquarters.
Moving the business has also limited the urban traffic of heavy vehicles and freight transport that in order to reach the old headquarters every day, congested the town’s traffic.
The cooperative built a prefabricated warehouse with cold storage, equipped with a modern ozone sanitisation treatment system to best preserve the fruit and vegetable products stored.
Inside the headquarters is a large area for employees and a comfortable room for members’ meetings.

The fruit and vegetable warehouse was the subject of a major expansion of the surface area in spring 2015 that resulted in a total working area of over 2,000 sq m. This large space is essential to the placement of the fruit and vegetable processing lines, and above all the asparagus grading machines that the cooperative introduced.