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Green asparagus of Canino

Green asparagus, our excellence

Green asparagus of Canino

The tip of the Canino green asparagus peeks out…

Green asparagus of Canino

All our care for a quality product

Green asparagus of Canino

The journey begins to reach your table

Green Asparagus of Canino

Packed with all our care

Green asparagus of Canino

They are ready, for you. The best when it comes to asparagus.

C.O.P.A. Società Cooperativa Agricola

The difficulty and seriousness of the current situation are unfortunately known to all, each of us is called to take on an extra responsibility towards himself and above all others.

The Soc. Agr. C.O.P.A. Soc. Coop. today feels more than ever this responsibility towards our country, the production partners, its employees, customers and all those who consume our products.

Our cooperative has never stopped in its work, in fact it constitutes together with its producer members a complete agricultural supply chain, produces and distributes through its sales branch Sapori di Maremma Soc. Agr. Coop. fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy and safe food, essential for proper daily nutrition.

It is the task and duty of the cooperative to ensure customers the continuity and security of supplies, especially in this which represents the peak moment of the production season. Every day 140 farms operate in the production and collection of products and over 100 women and men are operating in the company plant, who are scrupulously committed to carrying out their mission.

In the fruit and vegetable plant all precautions have been taken so that work can be carried out safely and the risk at the workplace can be minimized. Scheduled and continuous sanitisations, use of personal protective equipment and a series of organizational measures allow us to continue day by day bringing our work to completion.

Never before have we been so proud in providing genuine, healthy and above all Italian products.

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We export our green asparagus in Luxembourg, England, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Switzerland, France, Dubai, Germany, Ireland and Lithuania.