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Green asparagus of Canino

Green asparagus, our excellence

Green asparagus of Canino

The tip of the Canino green asparagus peeks out…

Green asparagus of Canino

All our care for a quality product

Green asparagus of Canino

The journey begins to reach your table

Green Asparagus of Canino

Packed with all our care

Green asparagus of Canino

They are ready, for you. The best when it comes to asparagus.

C.O.P.A. Società Cooperativa Agricola

The process of recognition of the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) designation for the Green Asparagus of Canino, proposed by the Soc. Agr. C.O.P.A. Soc. Coop. has reached the final stage, we make known what is reported in the Official Gazette of the Italian State, as required by law

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We export our green asparagus in Luxembourg, England, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Switzerland, France, Dubai, Germany, Ireland and Lithuania.